Attacking the Coronavirus outbreak with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has a larger impact globally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being used to combat the spread of this deadly disease. Several startup companies were able to predict that a new virus outbreak had started prior to the release of any information by government officials in China.  This data analytics search is… Read more about Attacking the Coronavirus outbreak with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

New US AI Regulatory Principles

Last February, President Trump signed an executive order creating the American Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative. While this new program did not include new funding for AI research, it directed existing funds, programs, and data in support of AI research and commercialization.  The plan also directs federal agencies to prioritize AI when allocating their R&D budget. … Read more about New US AI Regulatory Principles

Top Predicted Cyber Attacks of 2020 – Part 2

Just like in the past couple of years, ransomware attacks will still be prevalent in 2020, but it is predicted that not only will the attacks become more sophisticated, they will begin deploying 2 stages of extortion. Most ransomware attacks follow a basic pattern; reconnaissance, where the hackers learn about the company, employees, controls and… Read more about Top Predicted Cyber Attacks of 2020 – Part 2

5 Technology trends for 2020

We are currently amid the greatest technology revolution since the industrial age.  Technology is moving forward at an incredible rate of speed, and we can only predict how these changes will affect our lives moving forward. What are some of the biggest trends slated for the New Year? AI as a Service, 5G networks, autonomous driving,… Read more about 5 Technology trends for 2020

Lamborghini Sian Hybrid

Lamborghini has now joined the ranks of providing hybrid gas and battery driven vehicles.  The Lamborghini Sian is not the average hybrid vehicle that has been designed for fuel economy and geared towards environmentalist concerns.  This is the fastest Lamborghini that has ever been produced and is one of the rarest.  Only 63 have been… Read more about Lamborghini Sian Hybrid

Apple Repair

Apple is allowing more repair locations globally. These new repair locations will only handle non-warrantied items, this is still a large step for a company that adamantly opposed the Fair Repair Bill of 2017.  Warrantied items will still need to be taken to an actual Apple store location or previously authorized dealer.  These new repair locations… Read more about Apple Repair