Rocketbook Wave Review 

The Rocketbook Wave notebook is an erasable notebook that can upload the contents of your pages to a number of online sources.  I have recently started using this as my primary note-taking device.  I have always been an online notes taker.  After I got my first tablet computer, I finally found a way to really keep track of the notes I… Read more about Rocketbook Wave Review 

Cleaning Up Our Act

Doing the little things… David and Stephen are a couple of HubWisers.  They descended upon one of our newer customer to cleanup the server closet from the previous provider. What a huge difference!  Not only does it look better: All production devices are now running through UPS We documented which critical devices are connected to… Read more about Cleaning Up Our Act

I’m Scott, I want to help your business “Do Better”

I’m Scott, I want to help your business “Do Better.” When I was growing up, my dad owned and operated several small businesses, including an auto body shop on 84th and L.   I learned the value of hard work there, prepping and detailing cars, and  I also learned about running a small business.    My dad… Read more about I’m Scott, I want to help your business “Do Better”