Is your Managed Services Helpdesk Ready for the Holidays?

With the holidays right around the corner, have you finalized your action plan to account for a potential increase in tickets while simultaneously dealing with key employees taking extra time off? While many people assume that an IT help desk slows down over the holidays, many times the ticketing level and number of projects stay… Read more about Is your Managed Services Helpdesk Ready for the Holidays?

Lamborghini Sian Hybrid

Lamborghini has now joined the ranks of providing hybrid gas and battery driven vehicles.  The Lamborghini Sian is not the average hybrid vehicle that has been designed for fuel economy and geared towards environmentalist concerns.  This is the fastest Lamborghini that has ever been produced and is one of the rarest.  Only 63 have been… Read more about Lamborghini Sian Hybrid

Apple Repair

Apple is allowing more repair locations globally. These new repair locations will only handle non-warrantied items, this is still a large step for a company that adamantly opposed the Fair Repair Bill of 2017.  Warrantied items will still need to be taken to an actual Apple store location or previously authorized dealer.  These new repair locations… Read more about Apple Repair